Filip Dewinter speech congres Russisch parlement in Moskou

Dear Friends,

For more than 30 years I have been a member of  Belgian parliament. I was elected two times in European parliament and I am now vice -president of the Flemish parliament. You won’t believe it but my country – although we only have 11 million inhabitants – has seven different parliaments. One for every language and cultural group in the country plus a federal parliament and a senate. Really too much to handle… You will understand that I have some experience with the topic of parliamentary cooperation and development.

After 30 years I know that politics is an organized disagreement. Debate is good but decisions are better. The public opinion thinks that politicians talk to much and they talk about the wrong topics. Democracy can only survive if members of parliament start talking about the concerns of their voters instead of patronizing them. A lot of voters are no longer interested in democracy because they are aware that their vote doesn’t count anymore.

Globalism and internationalization are the biggest threat for real democracy! Only a few weeks ago the European elections took place in the 28 EU-member states. Let me tell you something: the European elections are fake. The European elections are an illusion. First of all: the European parliament has no real power. The European parliament can’t control  the European commission, it can’t vote a budget, a European MP can’t even ask questions to the European Commission. In fact the European democracy is a fata morgana.   

Nevertheless we have to be aware that the European Commission supported by a majority of the fake European Parliament is organizing a sort of hostile takeover of European democracy. The ideas of the European political elite has come into conflict with the interests of the overwhelming majority of the population. The sovereignty of the 28 European member states is at risk. Every time the European institutions are criticized the only answer of the institutions is to claim more power and less democratic control.

President Poetin was right when he condemned liberalism in Europe. He said that liberalism has become obsolete. People in Europe don’t want to be patronized by political correct institutions who are not representative for the people. The European Council and the European Commission are NOT democratically elected. They represent the liberal powers that aren’t the people. The overwhelming majority of the European population doesn’t support the liberal ideas about refugees, migration and multiculturalism. The liberal political elite – and I quote President Poetin – :  “cannot simply dictate anything to anyone just like they have been attempting to do over the recent decades”.  President Poetin was right.

Human rights and the so called rule of law are used to push a political agenda of open borders, of globalism and multiculturalism.
I’m convinced that democracy can only work in an environment that shares the same cultural values, that shares the same way of live…

Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others”. Churchill was right… We are representing today more than 180 nations and countries. Our diversity is our strength. Let’s celebrate that diversity by respecting the cultural, economical and also political differences and not by creating a cultural or political melting pot. That is what real democracy is all about!

Filip Dewinter MP