Situation rapport on COVID-19-pandemic in Tatjikistan

Concerning the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe and Central Asia it’s remarkable that countries like the Russian Federation and Iran are still in crisis and the corona-virus contaminations are still rising while countries like Tatjikistan are able to control the spreading of the corona-virus.

In April 2020 – 1 month after the start of the COVID-19-pandamic in Europe – Tatjikistan was one of the 13 countries in the world where no cases of COVID-19-infection have been recorded. End of April 2020 the Tatjikistan authorities confirmed the first cases of COVID-19-contamination in two regions. In total only 8241 cases of COVID-19 where officially confirmed in Tatjikistan. About 7400 of the contagious victims recovered. About 70 died of the disease. Although certain rules like social distance, wearing masks at crowded places and general observing hygiene is maintained, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, bazaars and beauty salons are already reopened. Of course there is still a ban of mass-gatherings but public transport in Dushanbe has been putted in full capacity and the schools are already reopened.

Interesting is that the WHO opened recently an office in Tatjikistan. With the opening of this office Tatjikistan and the WHO supports health development and technical cooperation during the COVID-19 crisis.

China has provided a lot of humanitarian assistance to Tatjikistan to support the Tatjik authorities preventive efforts against the corona-pandemic. The international community helped Tatjikistan to overcome the crisis. The European Union (EU) provided € 57 million for short- and long term support. Of course the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic has weakened Tatjikistan’s economy. Although the economic shock caused a lot of damage, the government of Tatjikistan approved a COVID-19-Country Preparedness and Response Plan with all sorts of measures (including a health sector and social protection package to assist vulnerable group and economic measures to ensure food security and safeguard small business) which makes it possible for Tatjikistan to weaken the impact of the economical crisis caused by the corona-pandemic.


The situation concerning the COVID-19-pandemic seems to be under control in Tatjikistan. In comparison with other countries in the region, Tatjikistan is able to keep the epidemic under control and to push back the virus. Although the COVID-19-pandemic caused a lof of economical and social problems Tatjikistan authorities took already – with the help of the international community – a lot of important measures to overcome the crisis. Tatjikistan seems to be an interesting partner for development and trade. The situation in the country is normalizing very fast.

Filip Dewinter

Member of Parliament and 1st Vice-president of the Flemish Parliament